‘Congratulations! You are one in a (two) million’

Fifth Ring’s Ian Ord and Rhea Hussey are in the top one percent of profiles visited on LinkedIn’s 200 million-member-business networking site … but what does this mean?

LinkedIn, the business-focused social media network which is growing by the minute, recently marked the 200-million-member landmark by sending out emails to its members letting them know where they stand in this massive network.

It provides its members with the unique opportunity to build a worldwide network of contacts whilst sitting at your desk, or perhaps you are at a conference or exhibition. A fleeting conversation can turn in to a long-term business relationship and all you need is a name.

LinkedIn is not only great for the individual but can also allow businesses to grow their network and connect with their clients all over the world in an informal setting. Through simply joining a group on LinkedIn an individual can get access to a worldwide knowledge pool and the ability to pose a question to thousands of professionals and receive an almost instant response. A business is provided the opportunity to become an opinion-leader in their field of expertise by contributing professional information to a group discussion. LinkedIn is an excellent tool for connecting, which if made the most of, can provide great benefits.

There are some interesting stats to back it up too. 30 percent of B2B marketers picked LinkedIn as their choice of most important social outreach. Last year there were over 6 billion searches made. Mobile usage is up to 25 percent meaning more people are connecting on the move. There are over 12,000 businesses represented on LinkedIn and over 39 percent of members are managers, directors, vice-presidents, owners or chief officers. In short there are a whole lot of reasons why you should be on LinkedIn!

So how can you as an individual hope to increase your visibility on LinkedIn and attempt to generate the kind of profile views that put you in the top one percent of this vast, ever-growing network. Well here are Fifth Ring's top five tips for increasing your page views and ensuring that you are making the best use of your LinkedIn space.

1. Fill your profile with as many relevant search-terms as possible! This can be done by changing your job title to a more search-friendly one or simply by adding to the skills section of your profile, but be careful, no one wants to look at a profile filled with search term spam!

2. Make connections and join groups! LinkedIn search favours connected people. Get yourself involved in as many groups relevant to your industry as possible, get active and start making the effort to get connected.

3. Make use of all the profile fields. The more of the profile fields you have filled with good, relevant information the better you will feature in searches and the more chance you will have of being found for the right reasons.

4. It’s professional but get personal! Don’t forget to include a little of your background. People don’t just want to know what you do or what you want to do but they want to know what you have done! I don’t just mean previous jobs either. Who ARE you? Let people know a little about you and who you are as that’s what sets you apart from everyone else.

5. Give people a reason to click and keep coming back! Make sure your profile picture is engaging and make the effort to post interesting and engaging content that gives people a reason to keep coming back or to seek you out just to find out what you have to say.

Ultimately it’s about making the effort and maybe with the help of these steps you can be a member of that magic top one percent too.