Being part of the inner circle

You need to be pushed in life to progress, learn, and develop and Fifth Ring did just that for me when I undertook a 10-week placement in the Design team.

The first time I was ‘pushed’ at Fifth Ring happened when Kara – an intern in the Brand and Strategy team – and I were tasked with coming up with proposals for SPE Review magazine. We came up with the ideas, I designed the visuals and Kara was set to present it.

To be honest, we didn’t believe that it would be us alone presenting to a client after only being here a week. We genuinely thought that someone had a copy for backup, in case we messed it all up.

I kept my illustrations simple – they were mock-ups to show the client what we could do, and then we would develop them further depending on what they liked best.

The deadline, as ever in the industry, quickly came around and when I showed Stewart the Creative Director my work, he calmly described it as a ‘disaster’ that had to be redone.


The second time was when I had to design a poster for Crocodile in the Yangtze, a film that Fifth Ring were premiering at the Belmont Cinema to their clients.

When Stewart told me: "This is the moment we will be able to tell if you’ve got it or not".

I took a big gulp and freaked out. I tweaked and re-tweaked this poster, changed the colours, edited bits here, added bits there and thought: "I can’t do this, I don’t have IT".

But, finally, it was done and I was able to put it on the wall of the Belmont cinema outside Screen 2.

Both of these times, I can’t explain to you the real satisfaction ­­­­­­­­­I had, once the job was completed. I want to learn and I want to become really good and I know it was nothing compared to what the actual designers have to deal with, but these were accomplishments for me and hopefully small steps in the right direction to becoming a pro.

All that being said, I’d like to add that it’s the people that really make this office and made my experience truly memorable. Thank you for putting up with me – all my questions – "How do I do this? What do you think about this? Should I change that? What would you do here?"

And, of course, there’s my chatting – my report card since P1 has always said ‘talks too much and is easily distracted’ – But I did try!

Fifth Ring has taught me life lessons as well as professional ones and I’m going to really miss being here.