BD Director Ian Ord goes back to school . . .

Don’t worry folks, Ian hasn’t decided to retrain as a zoologist, biomedical scientist or even a dietitian. Instead he was invited to Robert Gordon University to present a guest lecture to their International Marketing postgraduate students. The brief: to present students with a case study that demonstrated the complexities of marketing in the modern B2B world.

Ian’s lecture to the 20 or so postgraduate students was based around a global brand-revitalisation that Fifth Ring recently completed for a client. It was a real-life example of how strategic marketing processes can be applied to produce great results. The lecture gave students a valuable glimpse of what life post-university might hold.

But Fifth Ring also had an ulterior motive – to inspire these young people to put their qualifications and skills to work in the local economy. And more specifically, within the energy industry.

The North East of Scotland is in a unique position where its economy is still strong and our unemployment low in comparison with the rest of the country. It’s a positive position to be in, yet it’s not without its issues. We’re in desperate need of increasing our skilled workforce either by attracting individuals from abroad, or by ‘home-growing’ talent. A recent AGCC event quoted the shocking statistic that only 6% of school students in the North East planned to enter the energy industry when they finish education. 

At Fifth Ring we have found it more than beneficial to support local home-grown talent and in 2012 have taken on 5 graduates and young people into full-time employment (look out for some of their blogs coming soon!), and more than 10 in work experience. That’s why when we can, we support our local universities, colleges and schools.

Ian returned to RGU last week to discuss with students the practical elements of global marketing communications and the benefits of continuing their international marketing studies to Masters level. It seems his global public speaking tour is slowly taking shape. In the meantime he’s also available for weddings, christenings, bar mitzvahs and more.