BBN is the most awarded network at BMA Global ACE Awards

The world's leading network of B2B marketing agencies, The Business-to-Business Network (BBN), enjoyed record-breaking success at the prestigious BMA Global ACE Awards after its members picked up no fewer than 26 awards.

The combined haul of awards represented efforts from network members Stein IAS, Bader Rutter and Fifth Ring and mean that BBN has won more than any other global agency network in this year’s ACE Awards.

Organised by the Business Marketing Association (BMA) New York City chapter, the Global ACE Awards, were held in New York to celebrate the very best of global creative B2B marketing.

Clif Collier, Executive Director at BBN, said: “BBN’s collective performance at the ACE Awards really is a fantastic achievement, and shows that we are quickly becoming the most-awarded global network when it comes to B2B marketing. The strength of the work submitted and the prizes awarded are testament to the fact that, as a network, we are continuing to dominate the worldwide B2B landscape.

“Success at global awards ceremonies such as this is particularly befitting of the truly international coverage which the Business Branding Network offers the clients of all its member agencies. The overwhelming recognition received at the BMA Global ACE Awards is a testament to the hard work put in by each agency individually as well as the collective strength of our network.”

The wins claimed by BBN member agencies showed the diversity of skills and expertise of the group with awards being given for internal and external communications, social media and advertising campaigns.

The BMA Global ACE Awards are designed to set industry standards for creative excellence whether in print or online and has now been rolled out to an international audience for the first time.

Collier added: “The unique structure of the BBN creates a balance of local control with international accessibility to a shared pool of talented individuals to drive tailored brand strategies that capture the imagination. With the internationalisation of business this is a fantastic strength to have and of great benefit to our clients.

“To gain recognition on this scale from a panel of our peers is very rewarding indeed and reaffirms our position as the leading B2B network.”

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