A sea of hidden opportunity

Oil and gas is a term that essentially defines Aberdeen. A city without the people, buzz and money that the business brings is a city that none of us want to imagine. So, with all the recent news surrounding this fundamental field, the realisation that I have never actually considered a career in the industry comes as a great surprise. However, an eye-opening week at Fifth Ring has made it clear that there are many careers in the industry available to me.

Throughout my time at school, I have believed that my career path has to follow on directly from a subject I have been studying. As much as I enjoy algebra, chemical equations and essay writing, I struggle to imagine how I could apply these lessons to a future job. Luckily for me, I have uncovered a whole world of career opportunities that I hadn’t been aware of before. There’s a vast range of professions in the energy sector, from engineers to communications professionals, just like those I’ve spent time with at Fifth Ring.

The atmosphere at Fifth Ring completely contradicts my previous idea of a somewhat ‘boring’ office environment. The perfect blend of light-hearted attitudes paired with a strong work ethos was exciting to see, and to be truthful the prospect of an office-based job is now much less daunting to me. Work that in theory sounds a little under-stimulating has proved to be far more lively and entertaining than I ever imagined. Working particularly with Fifth Ring’s public relations team, I have been exposed to more industry news in a week than I would usually see in a few months, and I have loved it.

Oil and gas is an exciting industry to get involved with, and it can take you anywhere in the world - there really are no limitations. This was proven to me during my time at Fifth Ring - whose clients are predominantly in the energy industry - as I completed such a diverse range of tasks during my time here.

Fifth Ring understands the importance of social media - which is why many of my tasks were centred around this crucial area. I spent time in the marketing department carrying out a competitor analysis, during which we found that Instagram is potentially another valuable social channel for Fifth Ring to utilise. In addition to this, I learnt how to write a press release - an important skill for anyone working in PR, and one I hope to use again in the future. I was also given the task of brainstorming concepts and memorable themes for events. This assures me that working in oil and gas can in fact be fun, creative and exciting, especially at an upbeat organisation like Fifth Ring.

There is no doubt that oil and gas in Aberdeen is attracting young people from across the globe, whether it be a hands-on career on an oil rig or at the other end of the spectrum in marketing, there is undeniably something to suit everyone. However, school leavers or graduates should look at the industry from a different perspective: the inside. For those who are not aware of what the sector has to offer, I suggest taking the plunge, because as I have learnt, there is always more to discover below the surface.