The Role of Marketing Communications Within M&A

Peter joined Patrick Stroth as a special guest for the M&A Masters podcast to shed some light on the role of the brand during M&A transactions.

“There are quite a few sceptics about the role of MarComm within an M&A transaction, even to the point of saying that the brand isn’t important,” says Peter. “So, I did a little experiment: In a room of 50-60 people, I asked everybody to put up their hands if they had chosen their wristwatch because of the brand. They all had. Then I asked them if they’d chosen their car because of the brand. They all had. These people were very brand savvy, but couldn’t quite transition this thought, this appeal, this attraction of a brand, from the consumer environment to the B2B environment, which is where they’re living on a day to day basis.”

Listen in as we chat in detail about:

  • Legacy issues and the challenge they pose to marcomms post-acquisition
  • Implementing cultural values and brand messaging
  • Utilizing employees as brand ambassadors in messaging
  • Why cultural integration is a blind spot in M&A
  • Structuring multi-brand portfolios
  • The power of 3— Where 3 words can change everything
  • The future of energy
  • New tools to measure the intangible
  • And more

Listen now…