4 Types of Creative Content to Boost Your Social Media Performance

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with social media marketing. After writing social media again and again, it can start to feel a little stale.

Maybe your engagement rates have been steady for weeks, you need a social media revamp or you’re just not seeing the results that you want for all the effort you put in month after month.

It’s not just you! It happens to everyone. In every industry.

The good thing about social media is it’s a great space for creative experimentation. Spice up your social media with engaging elements and eye-catching visuals to see what resonates with your target audience. And today's social media platforms are making it easier than ever by constantly rolling out new features.

Below are 4 types of creative content you can test on social media to boost your performance.

Video Polls

Facebook video polls are a great example of how to add an element of engagement and creativity with minimal effort. With this feature, you can ask viewers questions throughout your social videos in the form of a poll and allow them to see the results in real-time. Not only will this better engage viewers, but it could also help you learn valuable insights about them. For example, a live-stream video at an exhibition booth could ask viewers which parts they found most value in–did they catch your on-booth presentation or take a giveaway? You can incorporate those insights into your event strategy the following year. Depending on the amount of poll-takers, you could also turn poll results into a follow-up piece of content. If a significant amount of poll respondents answered that they weren’t aware of a product or feature, you could build that into your content strategy moving forward.

Documents for Sharing Lists/Tips

The LinkedIn document sharing feature is a tool that can help you utilize the maximum amount of content with little space. You can optimize a LinkedIn post by attaching documents just as you would a photo or video. With this tool, you can give followers a preview of an e-book, templates, PowerPoints or an infographic. As long as it’s visually appealing and branded well, LinkedIn posts with documents attached will attract the eyes of followers–and hopefully your followers’ followers– because of their unique, easy-to-browse content.


Content marketing trends seem to move a mile a minute, but infographics are here to stay–especially because B2B markets love a great statistic. Highlight your most impressive stats and research in a branded, visually-appealing way to make your content more shareable. Infographics are also a fun way to get extra creative. Feel free to experiment with illustrations, shapes and depths. Another great thing about infographics is you can easily repurpose the content in it by pulling out statistics to use as social media content or cropping and sharing as images along with relevant posts.

Instant Experience

Content from the future. I imagine this is exactly what those slick ‘60s ad execs were envisioning when they thought of the year 3000. Facebook Instant Experience is an immersive, mobile-optimized, full-screen experience that brings your ads to life. With the swipe of a finger, viewers can watch brand videos, explore products and contact you. The options are endless with how to get creative using this tool, and it’s sure to impress your upper management and, most importantly, your customers. We predict B2B will be slower to jump on this train because B2B decision makers aren’t likely to make a purchase with the swipe of a finger. However it will certainly impress them and make it easier for them to contact you. Why make a regular ad when you can make it an Instant Experience?

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