Dear 2013, I’m most thankful for . . .

As the first full week of the New Year rolls in and we are gifted with 365 more days for new experiences and the opportunity to be better, I cannot help but to first look back at 2013 and say “Thank you, it was a pleasure.” This past year was very important to me as it marked the beginning of my journey with Fifth Ring as an Account Executive. Taking this career leap has allowed me to sharpen my writing skills, learn a new language (Bom dia!), travel the world and most importantly meet a very diverse group of people across three different continents that have taught me so much. This opportunity allowed me to become a better professional and has shaped me as a person overall; and I am most thankful for that.

I look forward into 2014 and I know that I will able to challenge myself professionally and personally even more because of what 2013 gave me. And if you aren’t teary-eyed just yet, I’d also like to note that I am thankful for my family, my co-workers and world peace.

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